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    Why hire a freelance writer?

    If you have a site, business, brand, or social presence, having a freelance writer is like having a flexible wordmaster on your team. It also means you don't have to fret as much over your content's word-choice and organization. Having someone tackle your brand's content gives you more time to do what matters. It can also help you earn more in the long run!

    What do I do?

    I mainly write web content for other sites or blogs. Ocassionally I blog or write guest posts. I have also done other types of writing; I did ghostwriting for an ebook and also some research writing. I prioritize quality content over a high quantity of subpar writing tasks. I believe in using SEO practices that focus more on increasing organic traffic. 


    I write content on topics such as Food, Health/Wellness, Lifestyle, and Design. If your project doesn't fall neatly in to one of these categories, I am still open to discussing project specs with you.

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    Marjorie Desamito

    I graduated from the University of Maryland with a major in English, a minor in General Business, and some webmaster and design experience under my belt. At some point I took was a student leader in my college's Filipino Cultural Association and a head writer for one of its cultural nights. Career-wise, I have dabbled into tutoring and data entry, so I know a good deal of things about patience, attention to detail, and organizing information in a way that makes sense. Outside of writing, I like improvising on the piano, singing, drawing, video games, martial arts, and trying out new recipes and DIYs. I believe that being quick-to-learn and having enthusiasm in my hobbies helps me grow as both a person and writer.